Wide-Access – Provide services to as many populations as possible with as many ailments and financial circumstances as possible. Our clinics can handle high volume and do not have to turn patients away and are able to schedule patients timely.

Effective – The evaluation and treatments work.

Comprehensive – We have the tools and resources to offer the most options possible to help the patient.

Efficiently – We are able to get patients well as quick as possible. We are able to use minimal resources to get each patient well. (Which allows us to provide timeliness and better access and to more patients.)

Competent – Our employees are knowledgeable and competent in what they do.

Able – Our employees are able to fulfill the corporate mission and serve the patients and community.

Friendly – Our employees are polite and friendly and smile and say hello and call people by name and look them in the eye.

Comfortable Atmosphere – Our clinics are comfortable and relaxed and people have fun there.

Integral Part of the Medical Community – We have established relationships with physicians and others in the community to coordinate patient care and deliver it seamlessly.

Integral Part of the General Community – We contribute to the community by providing employment, profitable entities, rehabilitated members of the community, and general involvement in the community and community activities. We invite you to join our team whether as a client, a patient or a caring provider. Should you see ways in which we can improve the lives of those around us, please do not hesitate to let us hear your thoughts and ideas.